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There is hustle and bustle in the entire world. There has to be a reason behind this continues running around
because it is impossible to perform any action without a reason.
Every atomic particle of this universe, animate or inanimate, is continuously doing something. Also be it the human
beings, birds, beasts, animals, heavenly beings or the hellish beings, they are all involved in some action or the other.
Lord Krishna says, no individual soul can remain without performing action even for a fraction of a second. Mind is
such a machine that it continuously keeps working. All the Vedic scriptures declare that out of 8.4 million kinds of
lives, human life is the most supreme. However, it is transient. In other words having such a great quality it is has
one great disadvantage and that is we never know when death will take its toll and our life will come to an end.
Only we human beings out of all the living beings have the right to perform actions and get the fruit of our actions.
Rest of all the living beings can simply endure the fruits of the action done in their past human lives. Either we
human beings perform good or bad actions: actions we must perform. There are two paths. One is Shreya and the
other is preya. Shreya means that, which is spiritual and helps one to attain the perfect happiness of the soul, which
is God. Preya means that, which is material and pulls one towards the world, giving temporary pleasure to the
senses and the body. Hence, we have one mind and two paths and we will have to tread on one path; it is absolutely
impossible for anyone not to choose either one of these two paths.
The mind will have to move in one direction if not towards the shreya (spiritual) then without any problem it will
automatically go towards the preya (material), because the mind being material in nature has a very old connection
with the material world.
Three things are attained with the greatest grace of God. First grace of God is to receive a human form, second
grace is to have spiritual thirst to attain Divine happiness and the third grace is meeting with a God realized
Saint who can easily lead us on the right path of spirituality and enable us to attain our ultimate goal of God
Unfortunately, most of the individuals choose to tread on the (preya) material path. In the west we have epicurean
philosophy which says; eat, drink and be merry! who has seen life after death? Exactly the same philosophy is found
in the east propounded by Brihaspati Charvak. He said, 'As long as you live, enjoy life to its fullest, beg, borrow or
steal to enjoy this present life, there is only one life to live and nothing after death!'. Nevertheless, great philosophers
like an English philosopher Hobbs & French philosopher Helvetius opposed Charvak’s philosophy by saying that if
people would accept and follow this materially selfish philosophy, then there will be chaos in the society. Thus, he
said okay to give importance to your own selfishness but also live for the welfare of the others. But then a third
philosopher, Butler intervened and said,” Forget about selfishness and only live for the welfare of the others”.
Giving an example of a lion that is a dangerous killer, but never kills his own cubs. Thus, give highest importance in
doing well to others. Now, the question is what is doing well to others?
It is only physical.  For example, feeding a hungry person, but after 6 hours he will again get hungry. Hence,
intervened Bentham and Mill and they said, “We got to accept what the majority of the people say!” What if
majority of the people are fools? Because majority of the people are ignorant and if we practice what the ignorant
people decide all our actions will be performed ignorantly. This way other thinkers also gave their views. One of
them said that we should follow our conscience. However, is everyone's conscience the same? If so, then everyone
should perform the same action, then how come we see some doing good deeds and others doing bad? Why is it so?
But suppose everyone's conscience is different then why is it that sometimes a person’s conscience tells him to do a
thing and another time negates the same action? So, this is not right either. Then came those who believe in doing
things only with common sense. But, common sense is based on an individual's experience and everyone's
experience is of different class. Then, how can one conclude that the particular action is right! Thus, all of these
concepts are wrong.
The Vedic philosophy is eternal and perfect. It was never written by anyone not even by God. The knowledge aspect
of God is Ved. Gita- 15/15.
The Kathopanishad 1-3-14 says;
Oh! Human individuals awake, arise and attain.
The Hithopanishad says;
' Gyanam hi teshamadhiko vishesho,gyanena hinah pashubhih Samanah'
Human beings have the power of knowledge, so we should make proper use of it in the right direction. If
knowledge is not properly used in the right direction it will go in the wrong direction with great speed. For example,
stealing, robbery, murder, rape or any other sin will be committed with great intelligence so that no one can catch
him. A person with great intelligence capable of doing the greatest virtue will also be capable of doing the highest
vice in the same speed if he doesn't turn the intellect towards God.
Our mind can either make us or destroy us. This is why the Vedas proclaim, awake and arise. So what should one
do after waking and rising?
Mundakopanishad gives the answer 1-2-12.
One has to immediately take shelter at the lotus feet of a genuine God realized Saint, so that one can understand the
right philosophy because one can't understand the Vedic teachings just by reading it or listening to it on one’s own.
Only a God realized Saint can reveal to us what the true and actual meaning of a particular mantra is, because one
mantra may have multiple meanings and there are lots of contradictory statements. Thus, we with our material
intellect are bound to get confused and misunderstand the concepts. For instance in the Brihadaranyakopinishad 3-4-
5 it is said that everyone should understand this one philosophy which is the first part of the teaching. We are all
stuck right at the entrance gate where the mantra says that, no couple loves one another for the happiness of the
other, neither of the parents can do anything for the children's happiness and no child can love the parents for their
happiness. No one can love anyone for the happiness of the other until one attains the supreme spiritual happiness.
The reason being everyone is putting so much effort in order to get the supreme divine happiness. The sole reason
why anyone loves anyone in this world is, for their own happiness and not for anyone else. Because in life you must
have witnessed that as long as some is in favor of you, going along with your selfish desires the relationship
continues but as soon as one turns against you and doesn't satisfy your selfish desires, the relationship breaks.
People go to the extent of killing their own parents, siblings, partners, children, friends, and so on. Foolishly, we
seek for happiness from the material relations not understanding the truth that I am a divine soul which a subtle
shakti of the supreme divine God, and hence my happiness can never be found in the material world or the worldly
relations but exclusively in God.
Hence, no one in the material world can be anyone's well wisher. There are only two personalities in the entire
world who do things only for the happiness of the others.
One is God and the other is the God realized Saint because they are perfectly happy and have absolutely nothing to
attain, so they work only for others welfare.
History is an evident in itself, when the Divine personalities were on earth, they got insulted and abused, so
much so that they were sent to exile, sentenced to jail, or even hanged to death. This is what the ignorant people
do when the divine personalities were amongst us and once they left the world the world sings their praise and
worship them and seek for their grace.
Therefore, we human beings should realize the golden chance that is being given to us and without any delay start
practicing devotion to God. However, it is so sad that most of us simply procrastinate saying, yes I will start the
practice soon, let me finish this one business and the time never comes for us to practice devotion and we die
without even move closer to our true purpose of life… what to speak to attain the ultimate goal of God realization
or perfect happiness. Oh! human beings realize the importance of this human life and immediately make a firm
decision to tread on the path of spirituality as explained by the scriptures and God realized saints and make this
human life worthy of living.
Teachings from my spiritual master a God realized Saint, His Divine Excellency JAGADGURU SHRI KRIPALU JI
Sushree Gopeshwari Devi ji is one of the foremost preachers of His Divinity Jagadguru Shri Kripalu ji Maharaj.     She is a teacher for (JKP)Radha Madhav Dham, Austin, TX
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