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Jagadguruttam Mantra

Did Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj ever initiate anyone using a mantra*?
As the Supreme Spiritual Master of the World, some may consider receiving a   mantra from Him as the greatest possible blessing.  Till today,
innocent people ask the above question. Some even go so far as to suggest that if He didn’t initiate by giving a mantra, then how can
Jagadguru Shri  Kripalu ji Maharaj be regarded as a Guru?

Asking such questions is natural. However, it simply shows that they, who ask such questions, have not heard or listened to any discourses of Shri
Maharaj ji or read any of His publications.  Hearing His discourses or reading His books irresistibly draws the mind to Him and His teachings.  When  
your mind is deeply attached to Him – He becomes your Guru.  Never once did He utter a mantra to anyone.
Below is an excerpt from ‘Guru Mantra, The Initiation’ where Shri Maharaj ji Himself answers this question.
“A real Guru will only whisper a mantra into your ear when your heart is completely pure, which means free from the three qualities of maya, i.e.  
sattvik, rajasik and tamasik.  When these three modes of maya no longer overpower you, anger, greed, infatuation and craving for sensual pleasures

Unselfish devotion to Shri Krishna is the only way to purify your heart.  So continuously practice the devotion until your heart is completely purified.   It
may take one year, two years, one lifetime or even many lifetimes.  Guru will not initiate anyone with the divine mantra until one’s heart is completely
purified.  The moment He initiates one with the divine mantra, one will become free from the bondage of Maya, all the sufferings will come to an end
and one will immediately realize God.   

Initiation or Diksha means to grace the disciple with Divine love. Thus, until the receptacle is ready, where will the divine love be poured by the guru?   
You have a mayic heart, which is unable to sustain divine love.  Therefore, first purify your heart by practicing devotion and then your Guru will  
initiate you with divine love…

All the divine powers of God are invested in His Names.  Ram Ram, Shyam Shyam, Radhe Radhe or any other Name of God is equally powerful as
God Himself!  It makes no difference to God if it is recited in Sanskrit, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, English, French or any other language.  Mother  
Yashoda never recited Ram Ram or Shyam Shyam, she called Kanua to Shri Krishna and Balua to Balarama, names which are mentioned nowhere in
the scriptures.

Each syllable, a, b, c and d, etc. relate to God and enshrines divinity…..The Vedas say, kam brahm, kham brahm, akaro Vasudeva. ‘A’ means Shri  
Krishna, ‘U’ means Lord Shankar- all are God’s Names.  If one realizes the presence of God in His name, one will definitely be benefitted.
As soon as a mantra is given or initiation is performed to a disciple, one will immediately be liberated from maya**, and will attain eternal bliss.  One  
will no longer remain under the bondage of the three modes of maya, **trikarma, tridosha, panchaklesha and panchakoshas.
When the Guru initiates someone it should have a great effect on him; even an ordinary electric current has a shocking effect.  The Guru is  imparting
Divine power and if that disciple does not feel a divine effect, it proves that the guru is not genuine.  The attainment of God, end to all our sufferings,
attainment of supreme bliss and freedom from maya should all happen simultaneously.  

If not, then the so called guru has deceived you….
Wearing colored robes, sporting a long swinging beard and long hair, a sandal mark over the forehead, murmuring abracadabra, reciting a mantra
and asking people to become disciples, to wash his feet and drink his foot ambrosia are not the hallmarks of a Guru.
Where will those poor souls of such imposters rest after death; celestial abode or hell? Hell is the proper place for them and yet they are selling  
tickets to Goloka.  Such large-scale and organized religious fraud is going on all over the world. It is bound to get worse in this growing age of
‘Kaliyug’ and devour us all, if we don’t wake up to the right knowledge now. What is the right knowledge?
The Name of God is endowed with all His powers.  If one develops a firm conviction that God and His Names are not two separate entities, but are one
and the same, one will certainly attain God.  Therefore, you need not fall prey to the tricks of such dodgy babas.  First, purify your heart and make it
eligible to receive the grace from a true saint.”

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu ji Maharaj never initiated anyone in the traditional sense, such as whispering a verse from the Vedas or some sacred text
(mantra) for the disciple to recite repetitively as a means for realizing God.  
The only mantra imparted by Shri Maharaj ji was the Name of Shri Radha which can be recited by anyone, anywhere and at any time.  There is no
restriction of caste or creed.  There are no rules of time or place.  There is not distinction made between senior and junior; literate or illiterate.  It
makes no difference whether you recite Radhe Govinda or Sita Ram or Radhe Shyam.   
Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj is the fifth original Jagadguru in the history of the world. Kashi Vidvat Parishat, a congregation of 500 topmost
scholars of India, were left spellbound when they heard Shri Maharaj ji’s Divine deliverance of the Vedic philosophy  and honored Him with the
unprecedented title of:

Jagadguruttam on 14th January 1957 and conferred upon Him the most exalted title:
Shrimatpadvakyapramanparavarin, Vedmargpratishthapanacharya, Nikhildarshansamanvayacharya,
Sanatanvaidikdharmpratishthapan-satsampradayaparmacharya, Bhakti-yog-rasavatar, Bhagavadanantshrivibhushit, Shri
1008 Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj.

*mantra- a sacred verse usually bestowed by a Guru to a disciple for repetitive chanting as a means of focusing the mind on God
**maya- sattvic, rajasa and tamasa   **trikarma – three types of actions ** tridosha – three bodily disorders ** panchaklesha – five kinds of afflictions,
** panchakosha – five material sheaths
Sushree Gopeshwari Devi ji is one of the foremost preachers of His Divinity Jagadguru Shri Kripalu ji Maharaj. She is a teacher for (JKP)Radha
Madhav Dham, Austin, TX